Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Response to a Critic of my Aspie Posts II

I admit that I have very mixed feelings in regards to the issue of Aspie rights and tolerance toward Aspies. I feel like a Democrat who denounces Republican tax cuts but then insists on getting his refund. There is nothing unreasonable about this. You may believe that such tax cuts are a mistake and even an absolute disaster but if they are being given out then what is wrong with getting on line and demanding your share. I oppose multiculturalism and diversity at least how they are practiced by the left today. I believe in protecting people’s physical well being. I do not care if people’s feelings get hurt or if they do not feel validated by the rest of society. The very notion that people should be protected from the emotional trauma of being exposed to beliefs they oppose strikes me as a mortal threat to the free society. If race, skin color and sexual orientation really do not matter then they should not matter. If no one can suffer for these things then no one should benefit from them either. If society is allowed to give benefits to people for these things then they should also be allowed to discriminate against those same people. For me a free society is one in which everyone can say offensive things to everyone else and everyone has to learn to be tolerant of everyone else.
Of course once we are going to be playing the diversity game then I want to get every possible benefit. If the government, schools and businesses are, in the name of diversity, going to give certain preferences to people because of their race, skin color or sexual orientation and does everything to make them feel validated then I want those same preferences and validation for the type of diversity I bring. I am an Aspie I have my own unique perspective therefore I should be given preferences and made to feel validated.
I am not some sort of Aspie radicial. I do not believe that Aspies should be allowed to do whatever they want without any societal interference. Man is a political animal, we are not autonomous beings living on desert islands. This applies to Aspies and to everyone else. Many people may find Aspie behavior offensive and I am not saying they are wrong. Many people may find homosexual behavior to be offensive and I am not saying that they are wrong. Everyone is entitled to their own tastes. When you say that Aspies have to listen to what other people tell them how are you different then the people who say that homosexuals have to listen to what other people tell them.

On a side note. I admit that I often lack due diligence in regards to my grammar. Feel free to point out any mistakes that I make.


Anonymous said...

You say that you're a PhD candidate and that you're very smart. Yet, I'm telling you for the third time, 'then' and 'than' are two different words. You misused 'then' again in your most recent post. Here it is:

"When you say that Aspies have to listen to what other people tell them how are you different ***then*** the people who say that homosexuals have to listen to what other people tell them."

This may be an example of not listening to the sound advice of others. Average sixth graders can make the distinction between these two words. To continue to misuse them doesn't make you appear smart or careful or willing to take good advice.

Why all this talk about homosexuals?

People are far from perfect. Society is far from perfect. However, progress is being made. At one time in the US, slavery was legal and women couldn't vote. But, our society won't be an Aspie Paradise in our lifetimes. Where should you put your effort? Should you change the world or change your behavior?

One person can do just about nothing to change the world. Also, the least likely person to change the world is someone who is marginalized. Therefore, you should work on your behavior.

Tucking in your shirt, as your mother told you to do, is a change in your behavior that will get you more rewards from our society. The most important thing you can do to be more successful is to listen to the sound advice of others. Stop saying Why? and But. Start saying Okay and Yes.

On average, your parents, your faculty advisors and your employers have more experience and have enjoyed more success than you have. Stop rebutting the things they tell you. Say Okay! Listen to what they tell you and then do what they tell you.

You can choose to take my advice or not. But, please save it. Years from now you will be wiser. When you are, you'll take my advice.

In the meantime, ask every successful adult that you know whether they think you should listen to sound advice. They will say Yes. You will say But and Why? You will never be successful until you stop rejecting sound advice.

Izgad said...

At no point in this conversation did I ever suggest that I or anyone else, Aspie or otherwise, should ignore the advice of other people. That is simply you stereotyping me. So how about this I will try to pay more attention to my grammar and you can work on your prejudices. I am working on a PHD in Early Modern European History. I am literate in Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin, French and Spanish. I can also play a decent game of chess. I have a strong interest in political theory. The issue of Gay rights is one of the major issues of our day so yes I have an interest in it.
I have many faults one of them is that I tend not to pay too much attention to grammar. Mea Culpa Maxima.