Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Case of Medieval Irish Liberalism or was the Bishop Just Plain Drunk?

It is, however, interesting to note that according to the anonymous ninth-century Life of St. Brigid, Brigid was ordained as a bishop. This claim that the saint had received the Episcopal order was perhaps an attempt to explain Brigid’s unique position of honor and authority in the Church, as well as that of her successor abbesses at Kildare. According to the vita, as Brigid knelt to receive the nun’s veil, Bishop Mel “being intoxicated with the grace of God there did not recognise what he was reciting from his book, for he consecrated Brigit with the orders of a bishop. ‘This virgin alone in Ireland,’ said Mel, ‘will hold the Episcopal ordination.’ While she was being consecrated a fiery column ascended from her head.” Later versions of this story, however, attempted to discredit or dismiss this incident, arguing that it had clearly been a mistake: Bishop Mel had consecrated Brigid while he was drunk, thus making it invalid!
(Jane Tibbetts Schulenburg, Forgetful of their Sex pg. 94)

You just have to love the Irish.

I can just imagine a group of Catholic Talmud scholars learning together learning together in Yeshivish: It says in Mishnayos Pirquei Avos Ecclesia (Ethics of the Church Fathers) that he who is m'kadesh (sanctifies) a woman as a galach (priest) is oseh tipshus (makes for foolishness). Mesavai (I'll ask you a question); Masah b'Archon Mel (there was an incident with Bishop Mel) that he was m'kadesh Brigid. Lo raiah (thats not a proof); Mimelah (it would seem) he was Irish. And, as it was said in the house of Abba (father i.e. the Pope): ten measures of siquor (drunkedness) were given to the world and nine were given to the Irish.


Dragon said...

Highly amusing. Yup, you just gotta love the Irish.

Ah..Irishman ala Rotisseri with shot of good Irish Creme Wiskey...makes for a lovely seudah meal.

Izgad said...

The perfect Irish meal for an Irish Jewish Dragon. I am not sure, though, if the Irish would approve. :)

Dragon said...

Would said anything about the Irish approving? I eat all races equally so long as they are cooked to perfection. I am equal oppertunist. Also, contrary to popular belief dragons prefer their meals to be cooked. We are not animals or beast, we are a civilized race occassionally hell bent on destruction, which Master Teacher Richard would be throughly pleased with.