Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Asael: Introduction and Argument

This is a story that I have had brewing in my head for a few years. It has been growing and evolving. Various acquaintances have heard bits and pieces of the story and have encouraged me to try writing it. At times it seems that the characters have been pounding on me, pleading me to bring them to life and I have been meaning to try putting it down into a written form for some time. I have held back for a number of reasons. The first being that, while I believe strongly in the story, I do not have a similar faith in my ability to tell it. The second reason has been this blog, which has taken up my spare writing time. Since part of this blog is about serving a healthy side dish of fantasy I have decided that it would be appropriate to bring in some fantasy of my devising so I will be posting this story in installments. As for my ability, I hope you will forgive my inexperience in writing fiction; this is an experiment and a rough draft so it will have its weaknesses. I do want your honest opinions and criticisms though. To all of you who wish to set out on this journey with me, welcome aboard.

The Argument:

Meet Asael bar Serariah. He makes his unofficial residence in the local monastery library, serving as the assistant to the chief librarian, Kuphdin. Asael officially lives with his uncle Rechemiah but has not resided there since he was eight due to irreconcilable differences. Asael is a knack of many talents with avoiding attention not being one of them. For one thing being a light skinned, white blond haired Khazar has always made him stick out. Match that with the fact that he is a genius studying for confirmation for the priesthood at the unheard of age of eleven. He is fluent in at least seven languages, one of which he has never heard spoken and cannot be identified. He can process certain fields of newly learned information as if on recall. Much to his annoyance this does not include Temple rites, laws of purity and impurity (of little practical value but necessary for his ordination) or higher mathematics.

With the Khazars on the verge of signing an alliance with their former enemy, Saebethia, Asael takes an interest in the Shinar war, fought over three decades earlier against the Saebethians, and the personality of a leading Khazar general, Serariah Dolstoy, Asael’s grandfather and his son Asael, Asael’s namesake. Fascinated by these relatives that he never met, Asael begins a journey to personally follow the track they marched. He is guided by his namesake’s personal copy of Roai’ana scripture with his handwritten notes on its margins and a history of the Shinar war written by a Saebethian intelligence officer with a remarkably thorough and balanced account of the Khazar’s and their religion. In addition Asael is also taking guidance from a series of dreams which he believes are memories from the war.

What Asael thought of as just history of dead relatives, though, is about to turn very personal. Something from this past has come looking for Asael and it has the jaws to match Asael’s mouth. Asael is going to have to use every bit of the considerable talent at his disposal to find answers before the object of his studies finds him.

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