Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dennis Prager on Communism

As a continuation of my previous post on the evils of Communism and my hope that one day Communism will be viewed, by people across the political spectrum, as something on par with Nazism I recommend a pair of articles by Dennis Prager on Communism, “California College Student: Terror is the New Communism” and “Why Doesn’t Communism Have as Bad a Name as Nazism?” The issue at hand for these two articles is not Communism itself per se but the moral failure of the modern left to come to terms with the evils of Communism.

For those wishing for a more in depth scholarly discussion of Communism as a series of mass murdering regimes I would suggest the Black Book of Communism by Stephane Courtois.

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Pierre Sogol said...

Black Book of Communism was tremendous, I'd also suggest Rummell's concept of Democide, and the books composed thereon. Oh, and Harvey Klehr's secret world of american communism and soviet world of american communism (lots in the Annals of Communism series), and Ronald Radosh. David Kopel and other libertarians have written on transition from big government to "big death", I recall Cato Institute, et al also have published some historical pieces (books, articles), on a similar theme.