Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Libertarian Yamukah

(Start at 7:58)

Neuroscientist James Fallon suggests that libertarians might have highly developed dorsolateral prefrontal cortexes. This part of the brain is connected to rationality and it may possibly help compensate for the poor development in parts of the brain dealing with empathy. Check out how he describes the top of the brain.


Mikewind Dale said...

Fascinating; thanks.

Clarissa said...

I always said Ayn Rand had Asperger's. Many of her followers somehow find this offesnive, though.

Izgad said...

I can see that. I have a bit of a horror fascination with Ayn Rand. I loved her books even as I found the ideology behind them to be reprehensible to say nothing of the author as a person. She has to go down as one of the biggest misogynists of 20th century literature.

One of the good things about Libertarianism is that it allows you to live in a country full of really horrible people like Ayn Rand because their vote has no power over your life. :p