Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why Israel Needs to Earn a Spot at the 2022 World Cup

Israel may not be a major soccer power in the world having only been to the World Cup once in 1970. But now the World Cup in 2022 is going to be held in the Arab country of Qatar. What might happen if Israel were to earn a spot? Would Qatar even allow the Israeli team to enter the country? One way or another having Israel take part should be enough to put egg in the faces of the entire Arab world much as Jesse Owens winning gold at the Berlin Olympic of 1936 was a slap at Hitler. Israelis love soccer so why not make it a national drive to get that spot. Young Israeli soccer fans can now dream of growing up and representing their country in a way that the world will not soon forget.  


Vox Populi said...

If in 12 years, things have still not progressed to the point that Israelis may travel to Qatar, I'll be seriously depressed.

Also, my understanding is that Israel and Qatar had trade relations up until the Gaza War. Shimon Peres visited Doha in 2007.

MIghty Garnel Ironheart said...

Don't worry, they won't qualify.