Monday, January 31, 2011

My Big Sister Can Beat Up Your Big Brother Any Day

The Baltimore Sun magazine has an article on Masada Tactical and their self defense courses. The person being strangled in the picture is my sister. I missed out on the chance to do that as a kid and now trying might not be good for my health.   


eli nadoff said...

definitely a valid assumption. I, for one would NOT want to mess with her

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself -- it would not have been all that good for your health then, either.

Why no link to the story?
- Uncle Jack

Izgad said...

Well since my parents always favored their one daughter anyway. :P

The link under article works.

Anonymous said...

Still couldn't get to the original story in the Sun.

I wasn't really talking about the risk from your parents, as you know. Even if self-defense skills at the time were not what they are today, you would have needed to sleep with both eyes open until your sister moved out of the house.