Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Relationship Status

Well, I am back to being gloriously single and struggling to make progress on my dissertation. So why am I still so gloriously single?

Is it:

A) I am married to writing my dissertation and incapable of forming another meaningful relationship.

B) I am a natural sucker for women who will use me as it suits their purpose and then cast me out when I am no longer convenient.

C) I am an obsessive neurotic control freak who frightens people away.

D) I am an Asperger who only thinks of myself and incapable of understanding the mind of another person, let alone a woman.

E) I have just yet to meet the right person for me.


Clarissa said...

It's definitely E. I'm sorry this happened and you are sad, but it's definitely E. I'm saying it as the absolute champion of breakups among everybody I know.

I'm always there if you want to discuss anything, share, or just complain about life.

grossbard said...

it's looks, BZ. it's all about looks. and money.

Clarissa said...

If that's Izgad's picture in the most recent post, then his looks are definitely not causing him any problems. :-)