Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sucker Punch: Too Smart for its Own Good

A few weeks ago I attended a free screening of the movie Sucker Punch. As luck would have it I ended up sitting right behind Kevin Grimm the editor of Melt, a local free magazine, who was hosting the event. So taking the opportunity to engage in shameless self promotion I decided to introduce myself as a blogger and ask if he was looking for a writer. He took me up on the offer and asked me to write a review. I sat down to write a review and, as those here already familiar with my style of writing can well imagine, it quickly went off track from being a formal review to me engaging in some larger issues of our popular culture. Kevin was kind enough to simply let the piece run despite it being much longer than what he wanted.

The piece is finally out and I get to link to a real flesh and blood print piece of mine. Hopefully this could be the start of bigger and better things.

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Rishona said...

Interesting. This movie is for sure NOT on my "to see' list...but I found your review treatment interesting. Of course I guess that it helps that I agree with your opinion on the other movies referenced. Just a word of caution about these pop-culture entertainment sites; they are not known for either quality content or paying well. Just flash. Still glad for you getting some exposure though. Have a great Pesach!