Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Evidence of Civilization in Los Angeles

For the summer I am going to be in Los Angeles. There are certain social reasons for this, which I may choose to discourse in more detail at a later point depending on how things go. In the meantime I hope to be working on my dissertation and I may actually have a job as well. (Again I will provide details at a later date, depending on how things go.) I have a place to crash at short term, but I am looking to see if I can find a place to rent for at least July and August. If any of my readers know of anything, I would be much obliged.

Coming out to Los Angeles, I was concerned about giving up some of the comforts of life in Columbus OH, particularly Graeter's ice cream. For those of you not from Ohio and have not experience Graeter's, let me explain it this way. When I went home to my mother in Maryland, I told her that I brought her a present, something special from Columbus. Her response was: "you better not have tried to pack Graeter's ice cream." My mother certainly has good reason from experience to question the common sense of this ABD graduate student brain. In this case, though, her concerns were not warranted. I had brought her a jar of Graeter's raspberry topping.

So it was to my delight that, after flying in last night and jumping into a Ralph's supermarket to pick up a few things, that I beheld a delicious taste of home.

I guess there is civilized life in Los Angeles after all.


Rosten said...

I suggest you avoid the Orthodox rabbis of Los Angeles.
The the end of Mesechet Shabat there is a statement from the Sages: "All troubles that come into the world only come because of the judges of Israel." This is a large theme in the beginning of chasidut. And Rebbi Nachman goes at length to explain the Zohar that talks about Torah scholars that are actually demons in disguise.
All this an more applies to the place you are going to. I know this to my great regret by personal experience.
Though you might make an exception for Breslov which I never had trouble with and Sefardi rabbis also in general seemed to be pretty straight and upright.

jeff goodman said...

what the heck - here goes - when i used to live in columbus over 500 years ago ( i am very bad at numbers and math ) baskin robbins was the name of the game in ice cream ; in 1969 my parents made aliyah - my dad was on the staff of the osu medical school - now i am over 50 and watch the desert flow from my living room window - we live in yerucham - with my own blog of goings on here in israel. was looking for a picture of alan brill cause i follow his blog and was wondering what he looks like - landed at yours
be well
jeff goodman
yerucham, israel