Friday, January 13, 2012

What Messiah Do I Look Best As?

Sabbatai Sevi has a nice Jewish beard, a massive biography by Gershom Scholem to smite unbelievers and a hip kabbalist prophet for a sidekick. Antichrist has a nice pair of Jewish horns and controls the White House. Sabbatai is really sneaky in how he converts to Islam to spiritually undermine it. It is not like anyone is going to be fooled when the president is elected pope without even becoming Catholic. Of course Antichrist gets cooler toys and more world destruction, but perhaps descending into the mystical dark forces of the klipot would be spiritually more rewarding.


Adam Zur said...

there is a another professor who has come out with a couple of more books on the subject at Hebrew university (maybe yoseph dan) which you might want to look into.

Izgad said...

I have needed to read some Joseph Dan for my research as general background on Kabbalah and trying to understand how the field has evolved since Scholem. Right now I am in middle of reading Ada Rapoport-Albert's Women and the Messinaic Heresy of Sabbatai Zevi.

Adam Zur said...

that is good. i am sure the field is developing. I saw some notes at the back of a collection of essays by sholem that indicated the re was more work going on in the field at Hebrew university but i have not kept up with the field myself.It is just not an attractive field for me.