Friday, September 21, 2012

The Brute Reason of a Modern Liberal Feminist

Miriam of Brute Reason describes herself as someone who grew up politically conservative and then had her mind "opened up" in college. Now she uses the power of her reason to battle conservatives and other dimwitted minions of patriarchy. It is useful to examine her very sophisticated manner of arguing. In a recent post, she made the argument that feminists do in fact care about the rights of men. This struck as a point worth responding to since, as I see it, one of the weaknesses of modern feminism, rooted as it is in modern liberalism's turn from the universal to group identity, is that it fails to seriously take men into account. This discussion soon involved several other commentators and turned into a round of me being my libertarian self, wasting time better spent working on the dissertation. There was some name calling as could be expected with modern liberals. They lack the theory of mind to recognize that someone could operate on a very different moral system; one that privileged physical harm over all psychological harm and that rejected the initiation of force, including that of the government. I made sure to be very respectful and not use swear words or question the intelligence of anyone involved. Then we got this gem.

Miriam on said:
Are you done fapping yet?

  • If you wish for me to stop commenting you can ask me nicely.

  • You can also just take your nonsense elsewhere without waiting to be asked.

  • Or you can treat me like a civilized human being the way I have treated you.

  • I haven’t treated you like a human being? Have I suggested you be caged like an animal? Forced to wear a leash and collar perhaps?

  • You have continued to insult me even when I have not insulted you. Ask me to leave nicely and I will do so and never come back.

  • Oh, now you’re trying to teach me manners? Fuck off.

  • Since you seem to have none, yes.

    No thank you. Fuck off.

    Oh, and also, I’m banning you because you’re a sanctimonious prick and you’re getting on my nerves.
    Coming on here to argue philosophy is fine. Coming on here to assert your moral superiority and try to teach me manners is not. Goodbye.

    I was wondering when I would get kicked off. Considering that the discussion involved rape, which I see as a form of physical assault and robbery, I must say I find it ironic that someone would suggest I go f--- off. The brute reason of a modern liberal feminist for you. Why somone like Miriam would believe that I would ever agree to participate in a democratic system with someone like her and allow her to use government to take my money is beyond me.  


    Adam Zur said...

    the way to solve the global warming crisis is to go to downtown Manhattan to where all those angry feminist work out in gyms. Put an electro magnet under they tread mills and turn all that feminist anger into clean electrical energy.
    [the idea is the turning a wire around a magnetic turns to mechanical energy into electrical energy,]

    Miriam said...

    You wrote an entire post just to cry about your mistreatment by The Angry Liberals?

    I actually laughed when I saw this.

    Anonymous said...

    You know, it would probably be more intellectually honest if you did point out to anyone who reads this that you were engaged in equating the rape of another human being as equivalent to robbery and let them determine for themselves the nature of Miriam's character. The post in question.

    Izgad said...

    Miriam welcome to my blog. Remember that, as you are now a guest on someone else's property, you will have to keep a civil tongue in your mouth.
    Have you ever considered that other people find you worthy of being laughed out?

    Good point. I added a few words.