Sunday, May 9, 2010

Frum Frankists

Here is the story of a Jewish family in Eastern Europe that you will not find in Artscroll:

["Old Elisha" of Rohatyn, Galicia,] led his numerous family-clan and a good many of Rohatyn's Jews into the Sect. … As an early follower of Frank, he [was] probably the cause's first martyr. He had suffered death in exile from the beatings administered by the Turks. His sons, Nathan (or perhaps Lipman) and Leib (Shprintses), were baptized as Michael … and Ludwik Wolowski. His daughter Haya was known for her zealous Sabbataianism, Cabalist erudition, and participation in the Sect's sex orgies. His son Lukasz Francisek (Luke Francis), originally Shloime (Solomon) of Rohtyn became the founder of the chief Wolowski clan. His son Franciszek, married to Barbara Lanckoronska, was the father of ten children. His home was, according to a contemporary, "decent and Godfearing [the Catholic kind]." (Abraham G. Duker, "Polish Frankism's Duration: From Cabbalistic Judaism to Roman Catholicism and from Jewishness to Polishness: A Preliminary Investigation." Jewish Social Studies 25.4(1963): pg. 317)

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