Sunday, June 13, 2010

Asperger Syndrome as a High School Soap

Here is a spoof ad for a television show, Asperger High, where everyone has Asperger syndrome. I admit that the video is a bit over the top and patronizing, but I laughed my head off.

I could only wish for a mainstream television show that explored Asperger syndrome seriously. (Parenthood is doing a good job with the Max side plot, but the last few episodes I saw have been focusing on other characters.)

What might be some good plot lines for a real Asperger themed show?


Adelaide Dupont said...

Plot is not my strong point!

Characters and ideas are.

I think it should evolve naturally from the characters.

And it would be good if it used technology.

There are so many things that aren't on TV.

Anonymous said...

Pretty funny :)

I agree that Parenthood has done a good job of highlighting a family's journey starting with diagnosis. Our son, who is nearly 10, was diagnosed with Asperger's four years ago. The portrayal on the show is quite accurate.