Monday, February 7, 2011

Amish Raw Milk Smugglers

Hat tip to Dr. Alan Brill.

Besides for the fact that the Amish are pacifists and therefore should be barred from being citizens, I really admire the Amish and their way of life and have a hard time thinking of them as dangerous criminals. So all you statists out there will be shocked to here that there is an Amish smuggling ring in such dangerous products as unpasteurized "raw" milk. Yes my friends. Amish farmers prey on wealthy health food conscious New York yuppies by offering to sell them unpasteurized milk at six dollars a gallon.

Do you not feel threatened as to the possibility that your adult neighbors might be conspiring to enter into a contractual relationship with Amish people to purchase a product that the Federal government deems dangerous for their health? Would you not feel better if a SWAT team were to knock down some doors teach these ignorant yuppies about food safety, confiscate this lactate based weapon of mass destruction and spend thousands of dollars locking up these predatory Amish farmers in a maximum security prison with rapists and murderers where they will no longer be a menace to society? Selling raw milk might even prove to be an addictive gateway crime leading to the selling of marijuana.

Whether or not our Amish farmers know it, what they are essentially engaged in is the practice of libertarian Agora economics. The idea being that statist interference in the economy can be defeated by private citizens engaging in such passive resistance as refusing to operate by government regulations and instead embracing a black market. This black market could embrace anything from paying someone in cash to paint my house to avoid taxes and damage my heath with lead paint, to paying off my drug dealer and even my Amish raw milk supplier.

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