Friday, February 25, 2011

Jesus Versus the Backside of a Girl

College posting boards, which allow anyone to put up what ever they like as long as someone does not come afterwards to tear it down, can make for some interesting bed fellows. Take for example the posting board at the back of my classroom, with its poster for a vacation spot, featuring the backside of a girl in a bathing suit, and a collection of "Christ is Victor" pamphlets. What story can we tell about this? How about "stop just staring at the backside of the girl in the bathing suit and hand the nice lady a pamphlet about Jesus. This will give you an opportunity to stare at her from the front."

I cannot wait for the weather to clear up and the campus oval circus can come to town. This features lots of girls in bathing suits and a collection of preachers in suspenders calling them whores and threatening them with hellfire. As a hellbound Jew, I am comforted to know that my side has the pretty girls in bathing suits even if the preachers are a whole lot more entertaining.


Clarissa said...

You have this hanging in the classroom???? Where are the feminist organizations? Why is nobody protesting? This is beyond insulting.

Would you mind terribly if I post this picture on my blog too? I'll attribute to you, of course. But only if you allow.

Clarissa said...

"staring" instead of "starring."

Izgad said...

Go right ahead.

I see no need to protest. If someone does not like it they will just tear it down. As for whether it is offensive, I do not see this as worse than any of the usual stick in a female as a sex object to sell a product.

Clarissa said...

I'd refuse to teach in such a classroom. Thanks for the permission, you are fantastic!

The verification word for this comment is "logic." very fitting for your blog. :-)

Izgad said...

What do you mean by verification word?

I guess both things could have offended me. I think having a laugh at them is much more useful. I admit that I often get offended by things, but if I find myself laughing instead I am not going to feel guilty.