Thursday, February 17, 2011

Atlas Shrugged Trailer

So the Atlas Shrugged movie is coming out in April. If you are wondering how they are going to turn a thousand plus page book into a single movie, they are not; it is going to be a trilogy. Judging from the trailer, the first movie is going to deal with Dagney Taggart building the John Galt railroad line. It looks like they are going to take the train crash from later in the novel and place it here. Makes a sort of sense as this movie is going to need some action. No one is going to sit through a movie about building a railroad line with a new high tech metal, a plot line that was already thin in the 1950s; why do these characters spend days shuffling back and forth across the continent by train when they could just fly? If this movie is going to work they are going to need to turn to what Ayn Rand did best, political satire featuring her comic villains going into monologues about the need to protect the public interest. Do the filmmakers have the good sense to not take themselves and Ayn Rand too seriously and actually try to have some fun with this?        


Grey said...

Hi, BZ. I say no way. They're hoping to sell to people who take their conservatism seriously to a fault. Think of all the conservative voices who have claimed to be satirical off and on, and consider those listeners or viewers who take them seriously all the time. It'll be aimed at them--the ones with the apocalyptic fears of our liberal future--and people with apocalyptic world views tend not to express their beliefs with good-natured humor. The producers know the thoughtful crowd will end up seeing it either way.

Clarissa said...

I had no idea a movie based on Atlas Shrugged was coming out. Thanks for the tip! Oh, I can already feel that review brewing.

I love the novel and can't wait to see how it will be demolished in the movie format.