Sunday, March 13, 2011

Haredi Sex and the City

Hat tip to Dasi Schnee.

This video is about Chaya Suri, a Haredi woman, who takes off from her husband to go on vacation to Miami. She goes on a shopping spree for shoes and finds herself at a pool sipping an alcoholic drink. The moral of the story though is that it was a good thing she had her shvim kleid on when a man stepped into view and that it is always good to dress modestly.

Apparently this video is satire. Watching it again yes it is very funny. The problem is that I, at first, thought it was real. I do not think this is because I am an Asperger and do not get jokes. I know too many people who fit this Chaya Suri character. I guess this goes once again to prove the Poe Law; you can never do satire on religious fundamentalists because somewhere out there is someone who is really like the joke. (See also I Have Had Real Conversations Like This.)  


Janice said...

Many also thought this was real. I wasn't sure until someone posted another one of her routines as another character. She's a talented actress. Her name is Deena Mann.

A-Typical Thinker said...

I forgot to thank you for responding to my blog post.

g said...

The problem with really good satire is that, without a warning, people will fall for it.
The prototypical example would be HG Well's famous War of the Worlds radio broadcast in 1938.