Thursday, April 30, 2009

ASAN Meeting Tonight

In response to the Autism Speaks Walk last fall and the creation of an Autism Speaks chapter on campus my friend Melanie (See here for her simply devastating letter to President Gee) decided to form an Ohio State chapter for the Autism Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) and drafted me as an officer. Unlike Autism Speaks, ASAN does not operate on the medical model for autism. Of particular interest, Autism Awareness does not have autistics in its leadership; it is run by neurotypicals on behalf of those on the spectrum. Autism Speaks believes that they need to speak for autistics because autistics are incapable of speaking for themselves. ASAN, in contrast, is operated, for the most part, by autistics and for autistics.

We have our first meeting tonight at Barnes and Noble at 5:45 P.M (It works perfectly with our book club) and the Lantern even put out an article to help generate some publicity. This marks the second time in a week that I have appeared in the Lantern.


NightStorm said...

Hey this is Noranne from the ASAN Meeting, just responding that I found you're blog hopefully we can corrispond with other

still interesting in setting up a Columbus Chapter for ASAN

Izgad said...

Hi Noranne
Welcome to Izgad. Can you send me a link to your podcast?

NightStorm said...

Sure I'll send you the one for Febuary since I haven recored March-April yet

there is the download link..eventually I want to stream it

NightStorm said...
Here is the newest Podcast