Thursday, December 22, 2011

Life Update

Sorry for not having posted anything these past few months. I have been really busy getting married and all.

There has also been my dissertation. Over the past six months I have written over one hundred pages. This is either a very good sign that I am making progress or that I am plodding down a new path in my writing that will make it run over five hundred pages and take me another year before I discover that it makes no sense and have to go back to last year.

With my very busy life, it is amazing how I still manage to indulge in my ultimate time waster, video games with complex story lines, allow me to take over the world and are just plain violent. In this case Dragon Age II.

My wife is very understanding and has even offered to get me the new Knights of the Old Republic game as a Hanukkah present. I love my wife dearly, but certain kindnesses I am probably better off without.

My conscious calls to me. Enough of this wasting time on video games, a wife and a dissertation. I need to blog more. (As Izgad was meant to raise the moral consciousness of the blogosphere, I think it is perfectly valid to consider it my consciousness.)