Sunday, April 17, 2011

Book Review Blog Carnival

Welcome to the April 17, 2011 edition of book review blog carnival.

Let me start with a pair of reviews of books that are of particular interest to me.

Zohar of Man of la Book presents Book Review: The Instructions by Adam Levin, about a ten year old Messiah. The post also includes a video of an awesome 80s Israeli rock song. I am actually in middle of writing a dissertation on Jewish messianism and plotting my own mock messianic movement on this blog.

Jeanne presents In the Basement of the Ivory Tower posted at Necromancy Never Pays. This book attacks the present day mass college education system and asks if all the people who are admitted to college should be there. I teach a basic history course at Ohio State and often struggle with how to reach students or even whether all of my students should really be in my class in the first place.

Now to some of the other submissions.

Jim Murdoch presents Smoke Portrait by Trilby Kent posted at The Truth About Lies. Set in 1936 Smoke Portrait traces the development of an unlikely friendship between a young Belgian teenager who pretends he is a POW and a young English woman in her twenties. As their correspondence evolves, they both assume identities that, while false in many respects, remain true to their own selves in other ways. Gradually they come to depend on each other, and their pen friendship proves to be crucial when events in their real lives take on a darker, more threatening significance in the shadow of the impending world war.

Cheyenne presents Book Review: Delirium at The Chey Show. This book deals with a future dystopian America.

Maureen O'Danu presents Fantasy Book Club: Among Others-- A Book Lover's Stroll in the Dark Woods at the Edge of Town posted at Am I the Only One Dancing? This is a YA fantasy novel about a young Welsh girl who lives her life immersed in books, primarily science fiction and fantasy, and lives in a world where fairies exist and magic is real, with sometimes dire consequences.






Kevin presents What Investors Really Want: Book Review and Giveaway! posted at Invest It Wisely. Among other things the book discuss the differences between paternalistic approaches and libertarian approaches to government.


Clark Bjorke presents An Object of Beauty posted at I'll Never Forget the Day I Read a Book! This is a new novel by Steve Martin. Need one say anything more.

To end things off here is a recent post I did on the newly released Patrick Rothfuss novel, Wise Man's Fear, using the example of Harry Potter as a launching pad to analyze Rothfuss' style of writing.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of book review blog carnival
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Jeanne said...

Nice carnival--thanks! I'm interested that the review of the book about adjunct teaching reached another adjunct teacher (and fairly local, at that).

Clark said...

Thank you for hosting the carnival. Your thoughtful and intriguing comments on each of the posts are a big plus.

Man of la Book said...

Thanks for hosting, nice and thoughtful carnival.

I followed your blog, looking forward to more of your posts.

Man of la Book said...

I almost forgot, shavua tov and chag sameach.