Thursday, March 4, 2010

1800 Rabbis Will Practice Their Magic Judaism for You

Here is another ad for Haredi magic Judaism idolatry.

I notice that the Haredi rabbis listed in the ad are not actually part of the event. They were just asked to attend. Which means that they have either said no or they have not gotten back to the fine people at Ateret Shlomo (which is another way of saying no).

I should send out spam emails:

Read Izgad! The blog of Rabbi Dovid Landesman, Rabbi Shalom Carmy and Malcolm Gladwell. 

(At least one of them actually reads this blog and every one of them would be welcome to offer a guest post if they so wished.)

You have to give Kupat Ha'ir credit. They at least go through the trouble to get Haredi rabbis to offer blurbs in favor of their idolatry.   


Torquevector said...

I got this email too. At first I thought it said "1800 Torah Scholars will be praying TO you simultaneously" and I thought something didn't sound quite right... what took everyone so long?

Anonymous said...

I'd be surprised if there are 1800 Torah scholars.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, there will be 1,800 scholars.
Its so easy to throw out an opinion without even knowing the truth on the matter, isnt it.
Mind you, there is no event to be part of, so there is nothing for these "haredi rabbis-'' to attend to (A little respect for those who truly know what it means to love every jew and who are doing such a valuable job in this world)

Aside Everything. before you bash the few facts you have-- realize you need more to get the truth.

Izgad said...


You say that there are facts that I am missing and that I am rushing toward judgment yet you fail to offer an alternative. I never denied that this is supposed to be 1800 scholars; I did not miss what was in big print. I am still curious as to who these scholars are and what they are actually doing that is so historic that I should pay to be a part of. You fail to explain in what way the Haredi rabbis in question are actually taking part in all of this beyond the fact that there pictures appear on the advertisement. Most importantly of all you acknowledge that there is no actual event. This just strengthens the question as to what I am supposed to be paying for.

I make no claim as to knowing what I going on here. I was just commenting on the advertisement itself. If you know what this is really all about please enlighten me and give me the facts.

Shmuel W. said...

Unlike you, I went into the Ateret Shlomo site and watched their presentations. The donation is meant to give us the opportunity to be part of the Zechus of Torah learning by supporting the Torah scholars and their families. The added value for anyone who gives a donation is having these 1800 Torah scholars pray on your behalf on Erev Rosh Chodesh Nissan – Yom Kipur Katan. The Rabbis listed in the ad have asked to be prayed for, as well, on this special prayer day and thus have shown their approval and belief in the power of this prayer.