Friday, March 5, 2010

Atheists Want You to Exchange Your Bible for Something More Sophisticated (Like Porn)

Ashley Tedesco over at Jewcy has an article about the students of the Atheist Agenda over at the University of Texas. They offered students the chance to exchange their Bibles for pornography, an exchange of "porn for porn." I would see this as a good example of atheists simply being out to destroy. It is easy to attack organized religion (I do it all the time) and the Bible can certainly be interpreted for the worst as so many of its detractors and supposed "defenders" do. The question becomes can you offer something better. Offer students the chance to give up reading the Bible and try sinking their teeth into Newton's Principia or even Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time.

If there is one thing worthwhile about Richard Dawkins it is when he talks about his love of science and how contemplating the mysteries of the universe gives meaning and order to his life. Personally, I find, that when he does this, he almost sounds religious (in the good sense).


Clarissa said...

Have you read "Reason, faith, and Revolution" by Terry Eagleton, my favorite literary critic? There, he makes fun of Richard Dawkins in a really hilarious way. :-)

Izgad said...

Here is what I wrot on Eagleton last year.

Garnel Ironheart said...

The problem with looking at science for answers to life, the universe and everything is that science can only tell you "how", not "why". Those scientists who find a "why" in science are simply imposing their views on the cold, neutral facts. If you're correct about Dawkins, then it seems that he is ironically looking for religion and using science as a cover for it because he doesn't want to find God in the details.

As for the start of your post, Chazal already anticipated this when they noted that the reason our ancestors resorted to idol worship despite having evidence of God's existence is because of the desire for sexual freedom that came with idol worship.